jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012

Avoiding Interview Mistakes

When you want to make the best impression review these tips from Aliza Bogner, VP of human resources at Alison Brod Public Relations. Her suggestions will help you avoid the mistakes that candidates frequently make:
·         Try to find out as much as you can about office culture before going into your interview. Dressing appropriately is imperative. Jeans, gum chewing and sunglasses on top of your head are never appropriate - no matter how casual the office might be.
·         Show up 10 minutes before the interview time. Don't show up a half hour early.
·         Bring multiple copies of your resume and make sure they are not folded up.
·         Bring a bag large enough for a folder, if necessary.
·         Be interesting. You are there to stand out, don't be afraid to say something interesting.
·         Research what the job entails. You need to be aware of what is expected for the position in which you are applying.
·         Know your interviewer's name. It will make a good first impression.
·         Don't lie - it won't take long for an employer to figure it out.
·         Never be cliché - don't tell the interviewer you are a people person, for example.
·         Come prepared with concrete examples of your professional or social successes.

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